Thirsties Natural OS All in One Snaps

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  • Interior consists of 11 thirsty layers of natural fibers : 3 layers of organic cotton in the body and 2 soaker pads with 8 layers of hemp/organic cotton
  • Goes on in one simple step - cloth diapering doesn't get easier
  • One size diaper provides a customizable fit for most babies from birth to potty
  • Convenient, trim fitting and absorbent
  • Gentle elastic around legs and waist provide protection against leaks
  • Available with hook & loop or snap closure

Please give a warm welcome to our all-new Natural One-Size All-in-One diaper! This new, easy-to-use cloth diaper includes 11 thirsty layers of natural fibers: 3 layers of organic cotton in the body and 2 soaker pads with 8 layers of the same hemp/organic cotton used in the inserts and prefolds Thirsties customers have grown to know and love. Whether parents are first-timers at cloth diapering or old pros, this Natural option offers convenience, gentle elastic, a trim fit and incredible absorbency all with a simple one-and-done step.

100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate
Inner Liner –
100% organic cotton
Inner Absorbency – 2 layers of 100% organic cotton
Soakers/Inserts – 8 layers of 55% hemp - 45% organic

Mel Scarth 10-11-2016 18:45

Oh my!! I love these diapers. They fit great, wash great, dry great. They are super absorbent with the Cotton/Hemp blend. The trimmer fit makes my sons pants fit much better. The prints are so cute too. I love all the outdoor themes they come up with.

Amanda 25-08-2016 21:38

Oh Thirsties you have hit it out of the park with this diaper. The hemp and cotton fiber of this diaper is wicked absorbent for my very heavy wetter, while still being very trim. The tongues make it nice to be able to fold and put the most layers where you need it. They also dry really fast because of the tongues being only stitched on one end of the diaper. I think they get softer the more you wash them! Totally a fan of this brand for their quality and style.

Chelsea 24-08-2016 15:47

I love this natural fiber AIO. The two tongues are great because it helps it dry quicker, and I can fold them in half so they are up front, to catch my little man's pee. This diaper has a great trim fit, which makes it perfect for under jeans!

5 stars based on 3 reviews