Storchenkinder Wool Cover

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The Storchenkinder Wollhöschen from very fine woolen yarn are a safe overshoot.

In the diaper area lies the beautiful Ringelstoff double around a high protection to offer. Also the leg cuffs and the cuddly warm waistband offers extra spills.

The Storchenkinder wool overshoes are available in three sizes. Suitable from birth up to approx. Size 98/104, depending on the stature of the child and chosen fabric diaper.

The soft wool originates from Merinos sheep from controlled biological animal husbandry. The further production is also being designed in Germany under sustainable aspects. The woolen boots are sewn on the Swabian Alb.

Material: 100% Wool kbT

Care instructions:

Hand wash, air drying
Wool may appear care-intensive, but is actually the opposite. The wool cleans itself virtually
Usually it is enough to wash the woolen well, it is ideal for nightly dew
For laundry, we recommend that you keep your hands warm and regularly refed, for example with our care products for fabric diapers

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