Pre-Loved Maternity


Do you have maternity clothes just hanging around in your closet? Bring them to Nappy Shoppe for store credit towards anything else in the store.

All clothing brought in must be freshly laundered and free of any rips, stains, holes, fading or excessive wear. There should be no broken zippers or missing buttons.

  • The amount paid is determined by three main factors:
  • The item's cleanliness & condition
  • Our current stock of the item 
  • The current public demand & popularity for similar items

You do not have to accept our offer, but our offer is firm. As with any consignment or resale situation, the amount of credit we are able to offer you won’t be as much as you’d make if you sold your clothing on your own .

Buybacks are accepted most days but are subject to staff availability. If we are busy, or the right staff is not available, you will need to drop off your clothing for us to evaluate when we can . We will contact you with an offer via phone or email.

We’ll offer store credit ONLY for your clothing. This store credit will never expire and can be used toward the purchase of anything in the store.

Nappy Shoppe reserves the right to refuse credit for any clothing for any reason. We will only be selling pre-loved maternity in store only. There are no returns on used maternity clothing. They may be brought back through the pre-loved system and an offer made if they are still in good condition.


If you decline our offer for your clothing, we ask that you pick up your clothing within 7 business days. Clothing left longer than that will be processed and a store credit gift card issued. We are unable to store clothing indefinitely due to space reasons.