In Store Rewards Program

At the beginning of November in 2013 we implemented a new rewards program.  Unlike our old system, your rewards do not expire, and you have the potential to earn back more rewards.

Each person who shops in store with us has a rewards card.  The first time you get it, you fill in the back of it with some information for us.  One is your mailing address so that we can get a gift card in the mail to you when its time, another is your email, so we can get you on our email newsletter so you can be in the know for our in store events etc.  And then we ask for birthdays, as we plan to add a birthday coupon club down the line (still working on the logistics at this point).


The back of our rewards card.


On the front of the card is 6 boxes.  Each time you come to the store, we put your purchase into the box.  This is the amount before taxes and after any discounts you might have received.  You can get one box filled per day.  So if you have two transactions (not uncommon as sometimes you forget to grab something and we have to do a second transaction), we will put the total of the two in the one box.


The front of our rewards card.


Once you have all 6 boxes filled up, your card ends up on my desk.  And I will total up what you spent.  Then I will take 5% of that, and send you a gift card in the mail for that amount.  It can take up to a month before your card goes out as we do them in batches.


We keep the card at the store, and when you come the next time, you pull your card and bring it with you to the register.


Once you fill up two cards, your third card becomes a different colour and you will have joined our VIP club.  And yes this comes  with perks.  Invitations to special events, bigger discounts, earlier shopping at sales and much more.


The blue VIP rewards card.


The main perk from having a blue card, is that when I send you the gift card in the mail, it will be for 10% of what you spent instead of 5%.


The other great thing about this system is what happens when you refer a friend to the store.  Lets say, you send in your friend Susan.  She comes to the register with her purchase, for lets say $100.  We ask people when we set them up in the system how they heard about us (so you do not even need to be at the store for Susan’s first visit), and she says you were the one who told her about the store.  We put $100 in a box on Susan’s card, then we pull YOUR card, and put $100 in a box on your card.  In theory if you sent 6 friends in between visits to the store, you could get a gift card without even setting foot in the store.



Now this system is for in store customers only.  However, sometimes our locals will purchase on our website.  If you want your website purchase to be added to your rewards card, please be sure to tell us this and we will.