Sakura Bloom Simple Silk Sling

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Crafted from two layers of lush, hand loomed silk. Full of character and dimension, the natural nubs and slubs of the threads tell the story of this textile's origins in the mulberry trees of India. Natural workhorses, Simple silks are grippy and strong, supportive and breathable, absorbent and lightweight.

Monique 23-09-2016 19:02

I love my Sakura Bloom silk ring sling. I had two classic single layer linen SB slings and a wrap converted ring sling before making the plunge to my silk and I am SO glad I did. The only thing I regret is not getting it sooner. My silk sling is SO much more supportive than any of my other ring slings. My girls were 20 months old and I thought our ring sling days were coming to an end because I just couldn't get comfortable in the ones I had anymore. And then I tried on a silk at the shoppe and oh my goodness, it made a world of difference! I came back a week later and bought one because my and my kiddos' comfort was so worth it. If you're looking for a ring sling that will get your from birth through toddlerhood, a silk will definitely get the job done.
P.S. I also have to mention that the support you get from the staff at the shoppe is priceless. I bought a couple carriers before my girls were born and by the time they got here, I had forgotten how to "work" the carriers. Knowing I could just pop in to get help was so comforting and made my husband and I much more successful at babywearing overall.

Angela 13-09-2016 01:43

You will get stopped wearing this sling! Silk is undeniably stunning and has so much support! This sling looks great with jeans or your dressiest attire. It's breathable and great for newborn or toddler. Don't be intimidated by care. It's easy to spot clean and forgiving when it needs to be washed.

Katie 12-09-2016 20:23

We bought our silk ring sling at the Nappy Shoppe when my baby was just 3 weeks old. At 5 months old, it's still one of our favorites! I like the double layer silk, because it is supportive and doesn't bounce while I walk. It's also very breathable during the hot Texas summer. It took a little time and effort to break it in and make it softer and easy to use, but I'm expecting it to last a loooong time.

Chelsea 24-08-2016 17:46

I'm so glad that I purchased a silk ring sling on one of my trips to the Nappy Shoppe. I had originally purchased a ring sling off of Etsy, and then tried a Sakura Bloom sling at the Shoppe. This difference in quality is substantial. The Sakura Bloom is so so supportive and lets face it, so pretty! My Silk Sling is by far my favorite because of its nice firm hold and it is so so breathable in the Texas heat. I started using my sling with my son when he was a newborn and we still use it now that he is over a year old. Its a breeze to nurse in too! I think a Silk Sakura Bloom ring sling (or two) is a must have for any baby wearing momma.

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