Osocozy Flat Diapers

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Hard to find baby flat diapers ready to ship at great low prices!   Made of 100% birdseye weave cotton and sewn to dimensions of 27x30.5 inches.  This sizing is designed so that the diapers shrink to a square.  This facilitates easier folding.  Note our packaged flat diapers are the original 27x27 inches.   These are the original cloth nappy our great grand mothers used.  Easy to clean and line dry.  Even in humid climates.  Because of the quick and easy drying, these are also a popular option for international relief programs and orphanages.  These diapers are also popular for a variety of other uses such as house cleaning, optical, screen and window cleaning and for applying and removing facials at spas and at home.  These diapers are durable and lint free.  Each diaper weighs just over 3 ounces much heavier and absorbent that discount brands sometimes found in chain stores.

Mel 10-09-2016 17:15

These diapers are exactly what they say! They are extremely simple to wash and when hung dry they dry very quickly. Makes diaper laundry so quick and easy. I enjoy using flats because I can customize them for my child. The versatility of flat diapers is a great addition to my household. This brand has held up well. I have had them for over a year and they show no signs of wear.

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