Neckerchew Cheeky Chompers

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  • Your baby will love the texture of our little teething triangle. The chewy corner is designed to                                    let  your little one chomp their teething troubles away. Chewing also helps those little teeth                                          break free!  Wash after wash, the Neckerchew is built to last.  It’s also super-safe to chew on.                              That’s because  the teether will never flake or peel – as well as being 100% free from nasty                                 phthalates and BPA. wable
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Melanie 03-09-2016 16:55

I LOVE this product. My son has many "drool" bibs and they all worked but this was my favorite. He loves munching on the end and it is great that it is reversible. I have had it for months and washed it many times without any fading or fraying.

amanda 25-08-2016 21:52

I was gifted this at a shower before my son was born. When my son started teething I was so grateful for this gift. The double layer of fabric worked great to keep the drool from soaking through to his clothes. The rubber bit on the end, became his favorite thing to chew on instead of his hand. I loved that it has two snaps so that you could adjust the tightness. The snaps prevented him from pulling it off his neck, unlike the Velcro bibs he always pulled them off. It washes very nicely as well the colors never faded or bleed on to one another. Two thumbs up for this item. If you are looking for a gift or just a good bib give this a try! Stylish and practical.

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