Buncha Farmers Stain Stick

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·    Gets out stain from clothes, carpets, furniture fabrics and leather
·    Cleans your car seats either by melting a few scraps in hot water and brushing them out.
·    Good for getting rid of pet odors in your carpet or anywhere else
·    Great for cleaning your shoes and especially getting rid of the salt from Winter use.
·   Grate a little bit off like a quarter of an inch and throw it in with your regular laundry and it will brighten and energize your  load.
·     Melt a little bit in hot water ( usually when you do this just use about ¼ to ½ inch of the bar and melt in a pail with a quarter full of hot water) and use it to scrub your granite or whatever counter top you might have.
·      The hot water solution is also good for cleaning tiles, bath tubs, toilet bowls, sinks. Even your tile or linoleum floors.
·      Will clean and get rid of mold inside your refrigerator
·      If you are a fisherman and want to get rid of the fish smell from your hands then wash with it.
·      Take a half bar or so and put in a cloth bag or on its own and leave it in your car as an air freshener.

Lydia 26-03-2018 20:46

BunchaFarmers is great at getting out greasy stains, even on delicate materials (husband's silk ties). Love it for mama cloth and general clothing stains as well.

Monique 23-09-2016 18:44

Anybody with kids seriously needs this stain stick. I just recently picked one up and it works wonders! It got set in almond butter oil out of my work shirt - it really is amazing. I use it on my girls' clothes after they've eaten particularly messy foods that stain (blueberries! avocados!) and their clothes come out of the wash stain-free! I should have gotten one a long time ago.

5 stars based on 2 reviews