When you or baby are sick ...

When you or baby are sick ...

The whole team at the Nappy Shoppe would like for you to stay home and get well when you are sick. We will see you when you are well!

PSA – It appears that the back-to-school illnesses are already upon us. We at The Nappy Shoppe strive to make our store a safe environment for babies of all ages, especially newborns and pregnant moms.


Staff has a strict sick policy – if we suspect ourselves or our children to be ill, we do not come in to work or make alternate care arrangements for the kiddos for a full 24 hours past last symptom. We do this to prevent staff kids from passing illness back and forth, but more importantly to keep them from passing their illness on to customers. We ask that you, as customers and friends, afford us the same courtesy. If staff kids get sick and start sharing their germs with each other, then our small staff becomes even smaller and we have difficulty covering all the hours that the store is open.


Staff understands the risks of illness associated with having their kiddos around other kids, but we need your help to keep everyone healthy. If you suspect that you or your child may be ill, even if you do not think it is contagious, please consider postponing your trip to the Nappy Shoppe.


If you need something immediately, like detergent or Punkin Butt Teething Oil, then please wear your little one and refrain from touching the toys or other merchandise. We can also take your order and payment over the phone and bring it out to your car. We can answer many cloth diaper and breastfeeding questions over the phone, as well.


Sometimes illness strikes unexpectedly, and we understand that some things are out of our control. However, if you or your child become ill at the store, we ask that you clean up after yourself and go home for the day. Our staff does not have the necessary gear (masks, etc) to clean up bodily fluids without risking getting sick ourselves. We ask this courtesy from you to help keep everyone’s kids healthy throughout cold and flu season, but also so that new moms can feel comfortable bringing their newborns in to get lactation help from the Cafe.


If we all follow these guidelines, we can avoid unnecessary exposure to germs for all our kiddos.



Thank you.  The Nappy Shoppe Team.