We made the news!

We made the news!

Our big latch on event made the news.

On August 3rd 2013 we hosted the Big Latch On event at Nappy Shoppe.  We were honoured to contribute to breaking a world record for the most babies breastfeeding simultaneously.  Over 14,000 babies world wide.  We broke our in store record over last year.  Last year we had over 50 babies register, 48 of them stayed at the breast.  This year we had 89 babies registered and 67 of them stayed at the breast for the full minute.


The day before the event, a woman breastfeeding her baby at a rec center in Burleson Texas, was told to stop by an employee.  Amazingly her husband caught it on his phone.  They uploaded it to you tube and it went viral.  You can see the original video of that here.




Various news stations picked up the story.  And as a result Fox 4 came to our Big Latch On event.  We were really impressed with the crew, they treated all of us with respect, took the time to talk to employee and customers about what happened.  And presented the store in a good light.  Fox 4 did a great job of pushing forward the cause to make breastfeeding the norm.


You can read the article here on Fox 4.




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