Rotary Clothes Line

Rotary Clothes Line

Every home should have one of these in their backyard.

When I moved to America, for the first time in my life, I didn’t have an outdoor clothesline. Even when I lived in a flat (apartment) in Australia, there was a clothesline, even if it was one for all the tenants to use. When Lauren was a baby, I didn’t even own a dryer, I line dried all her clothes and nappies, and in the winter, I dried her nappies (diapers) over a clothes horse. I must confess I did wish I owned a dryer in the winter time back then. I didn’t own a microwave until she was about 4 years old either.

Here I am in Texas, with sunshine most of the year, even in winter we have days of sunshine, and no clothesline! It just felt wrong. Well, it is wrong. And then I found out, it is even against our homeowners associations rules to have one! How unevironmentally friendly is that???

Well when we went with cloth diapers for Braden, I really hated having to use the dryer for them, so I finally gave in and went hunting for a clothesline on line. The hills brand one from Australia I really wanted, was rather pricey, but I found a great compromise. This one from Amazon was cheap, and it is like an umbrella, folds up when you need to take it down. So if the homeowners association ever bothered to tresspass into my backyard, I could prove to them that it was not a permanent fixture.

So we I ordered this clothesline, for less than $50, and shipping was free too! I had Greg install it. He had to get some concrete to set the sleeve into the ground. Which he did slightly crooked, so my clothesline leans to the west a little :) It is alot more flimsy than most clotheslines we had back home, but it does the job. You wouldn’t want to be really tall though. As the height on mine is not adjustable, and it is rather low to the ground. Perfect for me at 5’2″, but not for my 6’3″ husband. (Like he needs any excuse to avoid doing the washing). The one I have linked here says it adjusts though. I couldn’t find my exact one again on Amazon. I did find there is some affordable choices though, and be sure to look for ones with free shipping, there are quite a few that will ship free.

Sunlight is great for getting rid of stains on diapers, especially those viralent orange exclusively breastfed baby poop ones. It does however make clothes a little crunchy. Growing up in Australia, I am used to this, but if it bothers you, a quick spin around the dryer will soften them up. Clothes always smell better from drying in the sun, and no icky chemicals needed to make them smell good either.


So now I save money, energy and gain my daily vitamin D hanging clothes on the line instead of putting them into the dryer.