Mum's Group Thank you

Mum's Group Thank you

Melissa is one of our regulars, and she shares how the Nappy Shoppe is more than just a store to her.

Today Melissa H, one of our mums group regulars posted this to our little Facebook group.  Melissa has been coming to group for a year as you will read.  Melissa is the mother of Will who was born in September 2013.  I am sharing this with her permission. 


Melissa writes:


A year ago today…
(Well not exactly, but…)


My husband and I share a car. Last year when he was on spring break and I had full access to the car, I finally got the nerve up to go to breastfeeding cafe at the Nappy Shoppe on that Wednesday. I was so nervous! And so late, as usual. I remember being so scared that all the women there would judge me for still having questions at five months. I was nervous they would think my hair looked dumb, that I was too dorky to join their probably very exclusive hippie club. Boy, was I wrong!


Thank you to all of the women there that day last year! Thank you;



  • Lydia for answering my questions.
  • Cheyenne for laughing when I asked if I was too late to join and making me feel comfortable even before stepping into that room.
  • Sarah C, for inviting me to sit next to you right away. (Even though it took me awhile to learn your name, I affectionately referred to you as Popular Girl in my head for months :)
  • Joy F, for offering to drive out of your way to give me a ride so I could be a part of the tribe on a regular basis.
  • Katie W, Nandita W, Christine S and Jojo S, for striking up conversations with me right away and being so friendly.
  • Michelle J, for complimenting me on the one thing I was incredibly insecure about :)
  • Sharni V, for making this group possible and offering up your space and knowledge so generously.
  • To all of the other women there on that day, and those that I met weeks or months later…


Thank you for being a part of my support team. For helping me figure out how I want to parent, and how to do that successfully.
For listening and reading, sharing and understanding. Thank you for being moms with me. I love you all!


So if you are nervous about stepping out and trying out one of our mums group, please don’t be.  Come join us.  We are all mums, and we love to welcome new mothers to the group. I am forever grateful that Melissa took the plunge and stepped out and joined our mums group.  Our lives are forever enriched by her making this big step.