Defining cloth diaper insert textiles and how they differe

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Defining cloth diaper insert textiles and how they differe

Inserts can vary in how they absorb, and its all about what they are made of.

If you use pocket diapers the options for stuffing your diapers are pretty extensive. I’ve found with my own personal experience that if a fabric absorbs a liquid then you can stuff it into your pocket diaper. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good idea to stuff if in your pocket but that’s why we have common sense, right?


I don’t know about you but the fabric options that are out there often confuse me. I took it upon myself to figure out what was up with hemp, why so many pocket diaper retailers use microfiber and why would anyone choose bamboo fabric for an insert! I learned a lot and now you get to share in my new found knowledge. So sit back, grab a cup of joe (or tea or water or Diet Coke) and enter into the world of three popular insert fabrics with me.



The reason one would choose hemp is because it is a completely natural fiber that is also antimicrobial. It is incredibly trim but man can it load up on liquids. When my son was sleeping through the night (12 hours through the night) I stuffed his nighttime diaper with a hemp insert in between a microfiber insert and doubler. I had been having leaking issues and that little hemp insert did the trick!



Bamboo is another all natural fabric that is known for its absorbency. I have one bamboo insert and let me tell you, it takes forever to dry! Man can it hold a lot of fluid though! Some find bamboo soft to the touch.



Microfiber is a very popular fabric for pocket diaper inserts. Made from synthetic material, microfiber pulls in and holds a ton of liquid and is able to dry quickly. That cannot be said for hemp or bamboo – the drying time for both kinds of fabric is very long. The reason one wouldn’t choose to use microfiber is because it is not a natural fabric.


Really, my experience has been that the longer an insert takes to dry the more absorbent it is. I think it’s also wise to have a variety of the three above in your stash. I like hemp because it’s trim. I like bamboo because it DOES absorb so much. I like microfiber for the cost. What about you?



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