Construction and Painting the store

Construction and Painting the store

See some before and after pictures from when we moved into our Independence parkway location.

Well as you would have read earlier, we found our dream space thanks to the help of our wonderful agent Olin Jaye.  So then the real work and headaches began.  Thank goodness for amber!


Moving into a store front is a lot of paperwork.  Way more than residential I have found.  The city had to inspect the place before we were allowed to move in or do anything in the space.  And they gave a time frame of 7.30 to 2.30.  So I turned up on the day in question at 7 am and unlocked the door.  Well the space has three doors, I unlocked the main door.  The city turned up and tried one of other doors and failed the inspection because he didn’t bother to try another door and stated it was locked.  So I had to wait until the next business day for them to try again.  This time I did not leave the space, and unlocked all three doors.  However, the problem was we had already scheduled our movers, (3 Alarm Movers — Off Duty Firefighters), and they had to sit in the parking lot with the loaded truck waiting for the city to finish the inspection for an hour.  On the clock of course because this was not their fault.


But finally we were allowed into the space. The movers brought in the sewing and office area.  The store was to wait for a couple of weeks.  Then came the power, and if I thought the citys time frame was a pain … they had nothing on the power company.  They wanted me to wait from 8am till midnight!!!!  Thankfully they turned up at 2.  Not that we saw them, they didn’t even need to come inside.  So then the contractor was able to start work.  His job was to cut a doorway between the two retail spaces, add a door down the second hallway so we could turn it into a storage room and dressing room, and reface the check out counter.


Once he was done the painters came in.  Check out some of the amazing before and after changes of what was done.  And stay tuned for more information on the move!  Check the website for move dates and the grand opening date.


This is the hallway which was like a dark cave before painting because of the dark red.  We will be putting photographers work up on these walls.


This is the main room before and after.  Taken from a different angle but the changes are evident.  We repainted the beadboard white, and the walls went from white to light purple.  We refaced the check out counter area.  The floors will stay the same.




The check out counter was a solid structure that would be a lot of work to remove and more money to replace.  So we decided to work with it.  What was there was in pretty poor condition cosmetically.  The beadboard was crumbling and there was a hole in the counter where there was once a sink.  So we put new counters on top and extended the front counter by 6 inches all around so that we could use it to display product.  Then we recovered it in slat wall. The slat wall looks nice enough on its own that we do not have to hang anything if we do not wish to.  We repainted the black to white to match the beadboard around the rest of the store.