Are flushable and/or biodegradable liners really worth the cost?

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Are flushable and/or biodegradable liners really worth the cost?

People either love them or hate them.

If you’ve been cloth diapering for any length of time then you’ve no doubt come across flushable and/or biodegradable cloth diaper liners. They’re generally sold in rolls that have one hundred sheets.  Some brands even boast that you can take their sheets and cut them in half if you’re cloth diapering a newborn and get two hundred sheets out of each roll.


There are bio liners lovers and haters.  Some feel that having to buy something cancels out the reasons for using cloth diapers in the first place.  Others feel that they’re worth it and they swear by them.  Ultimately it’s up to you to decide if the extra .04-.06 cents per diaper change is worth it.


So what do they do?  They make cloth diaper cleanup easier.  The tissue paper/woven liner essentially gives the poop something to stick to.  Sometimes they get bunched up for whatever reason but sometimes…they catch it all!  It’s those catch it all scenarios that make them worth it.


Whatever they catch you simply take the cloth diaper to the toilet and toss the liner (plus whatever is attached to it) into the toilet and flush.  You may be able to eliminate the need for a sprayer at times and you’ll have less of a need for extra rinse cycles and much less staining.


I read of a brilliant idea recently, a mother lined all her diapers for the daycare center with flushable liners.  When she got home from daycare and took the diapers out of the wetbag, she could relatively easily take the poo and the liners and flush them.  This is an important convenience since daycare providers are prohibited from dealing with the “poop factor.”



I recommend you treat yourself to a roll.  Give them a try and see for yourself if they’re worth the added expense.  Watch the video below to check out liners in action and see just how easy they can make waste disposal.


Julie, Cloth Diaper Geek