Beco Toddler

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The Beco Toddler offers a generously wide darted seat and tall supportive back, built for big kids 18 months and beyond.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Can be used from 20-60lbs
  • Built in waist belt pocket
  • Toy ring
  • Snap on hood and zipper clutch included
Samantha Allison 03-09-2016 16:06

Great BIG KID carrier! I love how soft the Beco Toddler is. The material molds well around baby and wearer making for a very comfortable carrier. The ability to criss-cross the straps when wearing child on front offers a lot of support. The seat is VERY wide so my son wasn't able to properly fit until 2.5yrs old.

Amanda 27-08-2016 14:31

My 2 year old loves the beco toddler, and so do I. It is a comfortable carrier to wear from padded shoulders to the very supportive waist band. The straps adjust with ease making it very fast to get your toddler in and out. It has a nice wide seat that supports my son from knee to knee, which is why I think he likes it some much. The canvas that its made out of is nice and soft, I feel like it molds to both us. The little pocket on the front of the waist band is great for placing a card or keys for quick errands. We recently used this carrier at the zoo, where my son wanted up and down often. It was nice not have to maneuver the stroller around the crowds of people. But was great when it was nap time.

5 stars based on 2 reviews