Baby Paper

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Small enough for tiny hands to grasp, Baby Paper makes a "paper" sound that keeps babies occupied.

Baby Paper is washable!  Simply hand or machine wash in warm water with like colors.  Tumble dry low or air dry!


Jessica Rodriguez 13-09-2016 14:32

I love baby paper! Anytime I am invited to a baby shower now, I always include baby paper in the gift. It has a nice crinkle sound that captures baby's attention. It is also soft, with no hard parts or edges, where I feel safe having my baby play with the baby paper in the car.

Tiffany Worland 12-09-2016 18:57

My kids love this stuff. I bought it for my now 3 yr old when he was a baby and he still loves it. Recently bought a few more for my youngest who is 6 months. It's great to have in the car, in the diaper bag and at home.

Chelsea 24-08-2016 17:12

This stuff is AMAZING! Babies love playing with and crinkling paper, but it invetiabley ends up in their mouths. This is the perfect solution. They still get the crinkle and they can put it their mouth! My son loved this at just a few months, and still loves it at just over a year. It is our go to car toy. Every mom needs a couple of these. I keep one or two in the car, one in the diaper bag and one on the changing table.

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