Storchenkinder Night Wool Cover

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The Wollebi is one of the few trainers made of pure natural materials.

On the outside is a strapped wool trousers made of pure Merino wool. Inside is a buttoned cotton insert. This is multi-layered in the wet area.

The Wollebi is very narrow and unobtrusive due to the refined cut in the fit. He sits like an underpants.

Due to the one-button inserts, the Wollebi is also very practical and compact for the road. Ideal as protection for small 'accidents' or as a backup for 'diaper children'.

The wool is supplied with an insert.

Material: outside 100% wool kbT, insert 100% cotton organic

Care instructions:

Carefully wash the woolen and the inset separately
Wollhöschen: Important is a first-time grease, for the care as needed cold hand wash
Inset: Pre-wash several times for optimum suction

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