Washy Wafers

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Washy Wafers (TM) are a simple way to make your own cloth diaper wipes solution. These wildly popular little Washy Wafers (TM) are made with a very mild, all natural soap base. We include skin-pampering ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera extract, rice bran oil, and silk protein, depending on the type of Washy Wafers you choose.

Each 3 ounce package will make approximately40-60 cups of solution - making them very economical. We use the best ingredients in the business - and still have a great price!

How to use Washy Wafers

Washy Wafers are easy to use. Just drop one or two Wafers into 1-2 cup of very hot water. Allow solution to cool, then pour over cloth wipes. You can also keep the solution in a spray bottle or squirt bottle to wet wipes as needed.

Prepare only 1-2 days worth of wipe at one time, as there are no preservatives in the solution. Avoid contaminating clean wipes or solution.

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