Sticker - Wear All Babies

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Cute vinyl stickers made right in store at the Nappy Shoppe! These stickers will stick to almost any flat surface including your car windows or even the back of your phone! Size: Approximately 1 by 2 inches.


  • Make sure the surface you plan to place your sticker on is clean and dry.
  • Peel sticker away from backing (Non transparent side). Do not remove the sticky paper (transparent side) from your sticker until your sticker is on your select surface.
  • Apply sticker to surface and smooth over with the edge of a card. For example: A credit card or anything with a hard edge.
  • Peel sticky paper away from sticker slowly. Be sure to watch and make sure your sticker is sticking to the surface or it might tear.
  • Run a card over your sticker to assure no bubbles remain.

*Please note the white part of the picture is your sticker, NOT the gray part

Jessica Rodriguez 13-09-2016 15:16

I have the the breastfeeding "Eat Local" decal in pink on the back of my car. I get so many compliments on it and often get asked where I found it. I'm always proud to refer to the Shoppe and show my support for the wonderful work they do!

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