Momo Keepsake Jewellery Feather Ring

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Would you LOVE to craft your very own piece (s) of precious and unique jewelry. This DIY Kit allows you to be your own crafting goddess.

Your BreastMilk will be preserved with our 100% Natural & Organic element. Once preserved your BreastMilk is transformed to a stable "Milky Mumma Magic Dust" perfect for setting in Little Windows - Brilliant Resin (c) { the only Resin we would trust with your BreastMilk}.

Floret Ring:

Celebrate life, with this ring. Make this unique charm from your holiday keepsake, wedding treasure, breast milk, baby’s placenta, cord stump, first curl, or loved one’s ashes.

Kit Includes:

Floret Ring 

Resin Kit (measuring cup, stirring spoon)

Pearl & Gold Shimmer Tints

You will need to provide:

- 5mls of BreastMilk ( You may also wish to include your Babies Cord Stump, Placenta Pill, First Curl ~ or any other dry inclusions).

- Small square of baking paper.

- Two saucepans OR one saucepan and a glass bowl

- Teaspoon or Mortar & Pestle


Once preserved your BreastMilk will be in the form of Milky Mumma Magic Dust. This Dust is a sweet representation of your precious milky love bond & is best crafted sparingly & with our stunning selection of shimmers, flecks & micas.

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