Chimparoo Trek

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The Chimparoo TREK is the contemporary of the woven wrap, designed for those who desire an ergonomic and supportive soft structured carrier. Sporty and chic, down to earth and sophisticated, this carrier is for men and women with refined tastes, the nature lovers and the trend-seekers. Perfect for home, a walk around town or a hike in the forest. You can use its integrated seat for newborns right from birth. The carrier’s structure is built to comfortably accommodate a child up to 18 months and beyond with the stirrups. There are 3 possible positions : on the front, on the hip or on the back. The stretchy and adjustable sleep hood fully supports baby’s head when necessary. Adaptable to most body types of wearers, men and women alike. The long waist belt and chest straps make adjustments easy. Shoulder straps can be worn crossed or rucksack style with the chest clip. Simple to put on and easy to use, the TREK is made from organic cotton, certified free from toxic chemicals. We recommend reading the instructions on how to use a carrier safely and instructions specifically for the TREK, as well as watching the available videos. The Chimparoo TREK is very comfortable and versatile, having been designed to meet all your needs.

Note that there may be some difference in the color scheme since each baby carrier is unique and cut in a striped fabric with multiple shades. You can always exchange the baby carrier if this arrangement is not as expected.

Michelle B 14-09-2016 21:10

We (me and my 4 month old) tried on the Chimparoo Trek demo at the Plano location and I immediately fell in love. Originally I had a Tula carrier, but it just wasn't a good fit for my little one. The moment I put the Trek on with him in it, it was a perfect fit. The fabric is buttery soft and comfortable, the padded straps are able to cross in the back, or H-style, and there's an infant insert sewn right in. Even though my son meets the weight requirements for a standard SSC, he isn't quite tall enough for most of them...the infant insert completely solves that problem. Charni even had one of her vendors ship to the Nappy Shoppe so I could have the print I wanted. Love the Shoppe and their willingness to educate and serve!

Kendra Falldine 29-08-2016 16:30

One of the only carriers that truly fits newborn to toddlers properly and comfortably. The beautiful woven cotton paired with plush, padded straps make for an amazingly comfortable carrier. You have the option to criss-cross straps in the back for front carries, or use them "H" back style. Fits a wide range of body types. The Trek has easily become one of my most favorite SSC's on the market.

5 stars based on 2 reviews