Blueberry Simplex Diaper

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Melanie 08-12-2016 17:46

I have many different styles of diapers. Blueberry Simplex is a very easy AIO to use. I love the fact you can get it in organic and regular natural fibers. the stay dry liner which you can tuck in or leave out is very nice when you need flexibility. It also has a large pocket which you can add inserts to if you have a heavy wetter, or if you want to use your Simplex as your nighttime option. The large pocket also makes it so the sewn in insert comes out of the pocket in the wash if you have chosen to leave it tucked in. Very good choice for an AIO diaper. I love all the cute prints to choose from as well!

Monique 08-11-2016 18:27

I had a hard time finding an AIO diaper that worked for us until I tried these. They have a very trim fit but still have good absorbancy. And I love that they have a pocket to add more absorbancy if/when needed for nap time or longer car rides. The prints they come in are so ridiculously cute too!

Samantha Allison 03-09-2016 15:51

After trying many different options, this is our favorite diaper. It has absolutely everything I want all in one diaper. The simplex are very trim, extremely absorbent, natural fiber, and the stay dry tongue makes it so nice for sensitive skin!

Kendra Falldine 22-08-2016 15:53

Excellent diaper - Very trim but not lacking in absorbency. One of the only diaper options that lets you choose if you want stay-dry or the natural fiber up against baby's skin. The pocket feature also allows for supplementary absorbency, which makes Simplex a practical night time option.

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