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The BB-TAI is inspired by traditional Asian Mei Tai carriers. The sash-style tying system is simple to use, adjustable, and comfortable for both wearer and child and is specially woven to wrap around the curves of baby and wearer. Suitable for kangaroo care (skin-to-skin carrying) and breastfeeding. It can be used to carry the baby in front, on your hip, or on your back. It can be worn by adults of all sizes, as well as children and adolescents who would like to carry the baby. Features a removable infant insert, so baby can be safely carried, right from birth.

Shoulder straps are 78" long and the waistband is 80" long.


  • Appropriate for newborn babies up to toddlers.
  • Includes a removable pouch for small babies.
  • Integrated head support to stabilize baby's head when sleeping.
  • Compact, lightweight and can be worn in all seasons.
  • Includes a special zippered bag for storage.
  • 8-33lbs

Woven 100% Organic Cotton and non-toxic dyes.

Fair Trade Project in India

Mel 10-09-2016 17:59

I do not believe I can explain in a brief review the awesomeness of this baby carrier. I thought I had found the "right" carrier for me after trying on almost everyone I could get my hands on....Then I found after trying this one that I was wrong!!! THIS one was the one for me. It is very soft yet extremely supportive for my 1.5 year old. I've even carried my 4 year old in it when she got too tired to walk. I started off carrying my infant on the front and now he is a toddler we mostly back carry. He still loves to be snuggled up with mom on the front when he is in need of a nap and we aren't at home. The straps are wide enough on this carrier that it increases the support and comfort. It even has an infant insert built right in. I have washed it a few times and it comes out looking just like it did when I bought it. We wear this carrier often and I still haven't lost any of my love for it! If you "babywear" often I would tell you this is the carrier for you! IT comes with a bag to put it in. I find when I have it on I am constantly using the bag it comes in for a diaper bag because it is just the right size to throw a few diapers in!!

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